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Friday, August 1, 2014

Jrew's First Experience As A Camper

Jrew was able to be a first-time camper this summer for the first time ever... at three different camps. Hello, he can't help it. He's a camper hog. Just kidding. But really, Jrew was a camper at Mega Sports Camp in Murfreesboro, Lego Camp at CPA, and now at Barefoot Republic! He has been a sweet boy and has enjoyed his summer. Here is an amazing photo taken by the amazing Kristen McCann. He is walking with his team and his counselor Mr. Will. We can't believe he is growing up so fast. First grade here we come!!!!

In other news, we have been absent from our blog but not absent from a busy and fulfilled life for sure. We have been very blessed. We welcomed a new baby girl (Estella Joy Rose) in October 2013. She is precious. I will post again soon about her name, it's origin, and her milestones.

Jazzy is 4 1/2 and is a very mature little princess. She loves pink, purple, and Doc McStuffins. I think she deserves her own post too, don't you think?! 

Okay. So I am reviving the blog and adding pictures when I can. Here's to the Fall of 2014!


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